Mid-Century Modern Home: Too Perfect or Too Much?

Mid-Century Modern Home: Too Perfect or Too Much?

This home in the Hancock Park area of LA has been used for a numerous photography and film shoots. Most recently, it starred as Annette Benning's home in 'Running with Scissors'. The house has five bedrooms, an open floor plan and a pool--complete with a cabana. Sold in 1997 to gossip columnist Janet Charlton, the home was again listed in '07 for just under 3 million. What sets it apart from many homes we've seen is it hasn't been 'seasoned' with mid-century design elements so much as its been steeped in them. From top to bottom, in and out, it looks as if it came out of a set designer's scrapbook. What do you think? Is it a mid-mod dream or has its hipness gone haywire?


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created at: 2010/01/05

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