How to Make Your own Christmas Crackers

Mid Victorian

If you haven't tugged on a Christmas Cracker you haven't lived. The silly joke, the equally silly hat, the Cracker-Jack-Style prize, they're great! And they're not just for Christmas anymore*. You can make them for parties of any variety, but I think crackers on New Years Eve with wishes/predictions for the new year would be a great fun. The tiny prizes could even be a bit more 'adult' for your adult party guests. 


Make Your Own Christmas Cracker

To make your own custom crackers, you'll need some or all of this stuff:

  • wrapping paper
  • white card stock
  • fortunes, riddles or jokes
  • cracker snaps, optional but fun!
  • purchased paper hats, or tissue paper to make your own
  • small gifts for prizes, one per cracker
  • cracker rollers, optional
  • purchased cardboard tubes, although you could use gift wrap tubes, paper towel tubes, etc
  • low temp glue gun
  • scissors 
  • curling ribbon

Most of this stuff can be purchased at your local craft store. The more specialized items can be found at Old English Crackers.

To see the entire tutorial, follow this link to Old English Crackers and get crackin'.

*How cute would it be to insert a bit of bling into the cracker---like a diamond ring. OH, and the riddle could be a marriage proposal!! 

Primary image BBC.

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