How to make BIG vintage dominoes.

How to make BIG vintage dominoes.

How I DIY cleverly turned some chunks of wood into vintage dominoes. The procedure sounds simple enough--and CHEAP too, especially if you have some of the supplies on hand.

Here's what should be on your supplies list:

  • a chunk of 2" x 10" lumber (the dominoes in the picture above are 16" long, so plan your purchase accordingly, depending upon how many dominoes you want to make)
  • cream and black satin paint, the maker used Behr Cozy cottage Satin and Behr Forever Black Satin
  • Minwax Red Mahogany stain
  • Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze
  • a circle stencil, either hand cut or made with a paper punch or Cricut
  • electrical tape
  • saw tooth hangers

Here's the tools you'll need:

  • table saw, or something with which to cut the planks
  • electric sander & 80 grit sand paper
  • sanding block
  • paint brush(es)
  • hammer

To see the entire tute, mosey on over to How I DIY. 

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