Fashionably Nostalgic Televisions

Fashionably Nostalgic Televisions

Vintage is big, no doubt, but if you want a retro look in your boob tube with 21st century amenities, you’re probably out of luck. Or are you? Enter Predicta TV by Telstar.

You choose the cabinet style, tube enclosure and colors, and then Predicta takes it from there, assembling a television with new components that looks like it came straight out of the McCarthy Hearings era.

With present day features, your Predicta TV will include all the appropriate connectors for such things as DVD players and cable boxes. These works of art don’t come cheap as they can range anywhere from $1,400 to $3,600 bucks.

For the purists out there, check out 50's Predicta TV’s, which sells and services original Philco Predicta TVs. These originals have black and white tubes, but if you stick with TVLand’s classics, you’ll never miss the color.

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