The World's Most Expensive Foods

The World's Most Expensive Foods

Know what this gnarly thing is? If you guessed a white truffle, you'd be correct. But did you know that they can cost up to $2,700 per pound? 

How about this one? If you guessed tea, again, A+. If you guessed Tieguanyin (aka Iron Goddess of Mercy) tea, then you deserve a PhD in tea-ology. It's a type of Oolong that can cost up to 15 bucks a cup or $3,000 per kilo.

You might of heard about this kind of coffee before. It comes from the beans that are eaten by the Asian Palm Civet and then, you know, pooped out. The Civet only eats the ripest beans so its poo is sort of the holy grail of coffee beans.

To wash the thought of the last one out of our mouths, here's a 2L bottle of beer, which can be found at a pub in London called Bierdrome or online for 30 Euros. It fetches such a high price tag because it's been aged 10 years.

And why do these blocks of cheese have pictures of moose on their wrappers? Yup, they're moose cheese. It comes from 'specialized moose farms' located in Sweden. If you'd like to see how it compares to Wisconsin Cheddar, it'll cost ya...about 500 bucks a pound.

To see more crazy expensive food and WHY they're so expensive, check out this post over at The HuffPo.



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