From Thrift Store Junk to Lovely Vignette


Maria's table and decorations - before

Maria snagged a side table, vase and mismatched frames at a thrift store for $10.67. She gave each its own re-do, and she now has a sweet display in the corner of her home. (Don'tcha love framed image on the right? Cheeky!)

Maria's table and decorations - after

She did have to spend a bit more than her original investment for some supplies, which included the following:

For the table

  • paint
  • primer
  • wood stain
  • polyurethane
  • newspaper/drop cloth
  • fine sandpaper
  • paint brush
  • screw driver
  • mineral spirits, if needed

For the vase

  • spray paint
  • masking tape
  • newspaper

For the Frames

  • latex paint
  • primer
  • newspaper/drop cloth

For the Votives

  • votives/tea lights
  • frosting spray for glass
  • newspaper

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