How To: Easy Paper Square Wall Art.

Color Me Pretty

Leslie handpainted some patterned paper, and so as to reuse her work, scanned it in, printed it out, and then made even more art with it. Armed with a square punch, she cranked out the graphic, geometric framed piece, perfect for complmenting with a lovely fall persimmon.

"I..created a grid on a piece of 12 x 18″ paper – I used this size because I had an old unused frame in my garage that was just waiting to be dusted off. I used spraymount adhesive (a type of toxic spray glue that works beautifully as it does not warp the paper like regular glue) to lightly spray each square and then placed it in the grid I had penciled on the white paper and voila! Now, if you do not have a square punch it is easy to cut up paper with an x-acto blade and a ruler. As for the patterned paper you could use anything with a design on it that matches with your home…it would be really nice to use old photographs too- because if you are like me there are lots of photos in boxes that could be used and would look great."

Check out the instructions here.

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