Make Your Own Pixelated Portrait from Paint Chips.

by on Oct 4, 2009

A bed room that has a blurred photo of a woman on it.

Earlier this month, Apartment Therapy Chicago featured a home with a pixelated portrait of Lincoln, which the owners created “by pixelating a photo and boiling it down to 9 shades of gray (both done in Photoshop). [Then they] built the canvas, gridded it off in 2 inch squares, and mixed the different shades of paint. At that point it basically became a paint by number.”


Then, some clever AT reader took the approach, and recreated the aesthetic with square paint samples from Benjamin Moore. “This is a mosaic I did using those Benjamin Moore paint chips you can get from hardware stores. After a lot of time, patience, photoshop, and numerous trips to ACE hardware, I was finally able to finish.”A ruler and knife, along with some pain and color samples.