How to Tattoo Fabric With Bleach

How to Tattoo Fabric With Bleach

The Bleach Guy, Phelyx, has offered up a tutorial over on Stencil Revolution that'll blow your socks off. He uses stencils and bleach to achieve a tattooed effect on fabric. Warning: It's a project not for the faint of heart! What he uses to do it:

  • 50/50 cotton and polyester tee, or other garment (how cool would this technique look on jeans?!)
  • cheap, grocery-store-bought bleach
  • a respirator or a well-vented area or both
  • a plastic spray bottle
  • Dura-Lar (.005 thickness) for stencil construction OR transparency film, like they use for overhead projectors
  • reposition-able spray adhesive
  • paper towel
  • a Sharpie, for 'cheating'

To see how Phelyx puts it all together, follow this jump to Stencil Revolution.


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