How To Avoid Seven Decorating Sins

How To Avoid Seven Decorating Sins

Image: Antoine Boots for Met Home

Strict bullet points of decorating DON'Ts can serve as a valuable guide, and surprisingly free up unexpected ideas and options for your space.  AT-San Francisco  directs us over to Met Home's

Seven Deadly Sins of Decorating.  As with all decorating advice, take it with a grain of salt but be open to the fact that a little objective perspective can be very helpful. If you're like me, I've accumulated some flotsam and jetsam in terms of lamps, side chairs and random end tables.  A total EDIT of my main floor is in order. To get you motivated, consider whether you commit any of these decorating sins:

Sin #3 Slavishly following trends

Sin #4 Resorting to cliche

Sin #5 Lack of humor  (my personal favorite)

Read the full list right here.

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