Budget Shower Gift: Easy Towel Trimming Tutorial

Budget Shower Gift: Easy Towel Trimming Tutorial

A towel trimming project has been in the top 5 of my master To Do list for awhile now. However, after I got a load of this simple and easy to understand tutorial on Sew4Home, I marked it off my list and decided to share the link with you. If toile isn't your thing, you can easily substitute your choice of fabrics and/or snazzy ribbon. I think the black edging really adds a sharp look to these otherwise bland, white towels.

 If you have the use of a sewing machine and can sew a straight line, this tutorial will gently guide you through to the creation of dandy little towels to spruce up the powder room or to wrap up and give as a shower or housewarming gift this summer.  It's an instant gratification project to knock out on a rainy summer afternoon.

 Via: One Pretty Thing

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