Five Ways to Break a Bad Habit Without Using a Shrink

Five Ways to Break a Bad Habit Without Using a Shrink

Recently I've become aware that I'm smack dab in the throes of developing a full blown bad habit. What I once considered nonsensical to participate in, I've slowly submitted to. It's the constant checking of email, Facebook. Curbly posts, Apartment Therapy...I knew it was bad last night (Father's Day) when I left Mr. Mod to fix his own meal while I frantically checked Facebook for some old high school friends who had contacted me. (Shameful cry for Help!!!)

The article that made the most sense to me, was brief and to the point and covered everything. It was over on http://ezinearticles.com/, Breaking Bad Habits-Five Simple Steps for Breaking Bad Habits. If you can implement these techniques, you can save a bundle of money that you would pay a therapist.

For the habits I'm dealing with such as checking the computer, procrastinating, cleaning up the kitchen hours after dinner, etc., this article hits it right on the head.

If you, or anyone you know is dealing with an addiction problem, substance abuse and the like, this will probably not be enough to combat those serious habits.

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