How to Make a Teeny Tiny Book

How to Make a Teeny Tiny Book


Just like the big ones, only smaller. Although, binding a teeny tiny book does require some adjustments. Ruth gives us the rundown of the entire process.


  1. Finding inspiration
  2. Preparing the paper for the text block
  3. Folding the paper
  4. Piercing the signatures and sewing the text block
  5. Finishing the text block
  6. Preparing the materials for the cover
  7. Gluing the cover
  8. Assembling the cover and text block.

In all, Ruth estimates that the project takes 2 hours to compete with an over-night drying time. To see a visual tutorial, head on over to this Flickr photo stream. For the written blow by blow, head on over to hearthandmadeblog.com.





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