Alternative Uses for Tea Bags

 Alternative Uses for Tea Bags

Woo Hoo! Today is Tea-Bagging Day! For all those tea-baggers out there, here’s some alternative uses for teabags, to help celebrate the occasion.

  1. Tea-bag sunburns.
  2. Tea-bag puffy eyelids.
  3. Tea-bag razor burn.
  4. Tea-bag gray hair.
  5. Tea-bag dry hair.
  6. Tea-bag skin for a self-tan.
  7. Tea-bag boils.
  8. Tea-bag sore, nursing nipples.
  9. Tea-bag bleeding gums.
  10. Tea-bag injection sites.
  11. Tea-bag poison ivy.
  12. Tea-bag feet.
  13. Tea-bag mouths.
  14. Tea-bag tough meat.
  15. Tea-bag furniture and floors.
  16. Tea-bag clothes.
  17. Tea-bag mirrors.
  18. Tea-bag fireplaces.
  19. Tea-bag pulse points.
  20. Tea-bag roses.
  21. Tea-bag ferns.
  22. Tea-bag potting soil.
  23. Tea-bag compost piles.

To see how to properly tea-bag the objects listed above, go to RD's alternative uses page.

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