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How to Turn an Altoids Tin into a Travel Candle

by on Apr 14, 2009

Kate at Design Sponge was inspired by an earthquake and an Altoids tin and came up with this ingenious Altoid Tin Travel Candle. To make one of your own, you’ll need….

1. Altoids tins
2. candle wicks
3. wax (Kate used microwaveable soy wax from a craft store)
4. Mod Podge (Kate notes that Mod Podge is non-toxic and inflammable)
5. decorative paper
6. pencil
7. scissors
8. paint brush
9. wax coloring or scents (optional)

To see the entire tutiorial, follow this jump. If you’re not into melting wax, you could store a couple of tea-lights in your tarted-up travel tin too. On a personal note…wouldn’t this be a great Mother’s Day gift for the globe-trotting mom???

A tin can with a two-wick candle in it