5 Buildings Made of Shipping Containers

5 Buildings Made of Shipping Containers

We've seen simple shipping container homes, but how about using multiples to construct complicated structures? Keetwonen, pictured above is a 1,000 unit student housing complex.

This cute polka-dot number is a weekend house located in Trebnje, Slovenia.

Container City, by the Trinity Buoy Warf on the Thames is a well-known example of shipping-container architecture.

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At 85 feet high, the Freitag Shop located in Zurich is the tallest building made of 17 used shipping containers.

If all these pics have you yearning to live in your very own shipping container, check out Ecopods. (Prices start at about $21,500 US.) And for more info and interior shots of the buildings featured in this post, visit spotcoolstuff.com.


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