Free, Printable Mini File Folders.

WHO CARES what you'd use 'em for? They're adorable!

Free, Printable Mini File Folders.

Whisker Graphics offers these FREE, download, print, and cut miniature file folders. Coming in at 4.75 x 7", you could use 'em for any of these recommended purposes:

- Store recipes from magazines
- Print a out and give as gifts
- Keep one in your purse to wrangle receipts
- An invite's handsome carrying case. (They fit nicely in a A7 envelope.)
- Put photos in them to give to family and friends
- A pretty place to keep your to do lists

Or, you could just shrink down your entire office to scale. Mini paper shredder and Rolodex, here we come!

Thanks, HowAboutOrange.

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