Saddle Rocking Active Sitting

Saddle Rocking Active Sitting

The Giddyup Rocking Stool by Tim Wigmore snagged my attention  because it combines two of my favorite seats, a rocking chair and an English saddle. If you've given up riding years ago, but still get a thrill thinking about taking a horse over jumps sitting atop a beautifully worn saddle, this chair could lighten the load on a long day in the office. You can be sure if I come across an old saddle on my thrifting adventures, I will figure out a way to DIY this beauty. If you're not the DIY kind and miss riding with your posse, The Giddyup is available at Clever Bastards, a New Zealand website featuring the best art and design from the NZ design world.  It retails for $940.00.

created at: 2009-02-17

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