Couture Crapper

Couture Crapper

Kohler, those purveyors of everything plumbing, has added to its cadre of crappers the Purist Hatbox Toilet. Gone is the tank and added is a .2-hp pump to eliminate eliminations. I can appreciate the minimalist design of this john, but there are two things that prove bothersome.

First, I think it would confuse people. I imagine guests coming out of the bathroom asking, "Where do I ‘go’?" and me saying, "In the white garbage can-looking thing."

Second, Kohler’s advertising campaign. I don’t care that the beautiful woman they convinced to sit on the Hatbox DOESN’T have her dress hiked up to her waist and is doing her business. The image is distasteful in a humorous 12-year-old-boy kind of way. And although I will laugh at 12-year-old-boy’s fart jokes, I will never let him pick out my toilet.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the $3,000 dollar Hatbox, visit Kohler to learn more.

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