6 Alternate Uses for Aluminum Foil

created on: 02/04/09
created on: 02/04/09

or 'AluminIum' foil for the Brit contingent. Real Simple has 6 things to do with foil, and very useful they are too. Though bizarrely, they haven't added 'use whole roll to make suit of armour when drunk' or 'fashion hat to thwart brain-wave stealing aliens' to the list. But you can:

  • use it to iron dedicates
  • add those cool stripes to grilled food
  • get better TV... They don't mean that it blocks Everybody Loves Raymond, just that it can clear up your picture quality.
  • protect hardware from paint
  • make better pies. mmmmm... pie
  • scrub glass or metal bakeware clean

Head on over for the full skinny about each use.

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