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7 Ways to Decorate a Blank Space

by on Jan 23, 2009

Whether you’re re-doing your blah bedroom or trying to add some pizzazz to your uneventful living room, here are some tricks of the trade that will certainly help you work magic by creating visual distractions and/or attractions to fool the eye. Living, Etc. offers 7 simple ways to transform some serious room shortcomings into fabulous and interesting design. Any one of these projects will bump up your room desirablility, but more importantly, it will ignite your creative juices for other inevitable re-do urges.  

Read How-to:

  • Embellish a large, clean-lined room
  • Disguise awkward space without blocking light
  • Add depth to a room with low ceilings
  • Add interest to a concrete floor
  • Create a focal point when there is none
  • Add ornamentation when there’s no cornicing
  • Make a cheap door look classy