How to Make New Years Noise-Makers

Ring in '09 with a little noise with these homemade noise makers. Chances are you already have everything you need to make them--or, at least, most of them.

A bit 'kid-crafty' but sure to get the job done is the two paper bowls, popsicle stick and beads method.

How to Make New Years Noise-Makers

Similar to the previous idea is this paper plates, popsicle stick and beans technique.

Sure to produce a bit more noise is this colorful water bottle number, which is complete with jingle bell  accompanyment.

Turning to the film canister offerings, we have the very portable popcorn-filled cannister shaker dealie.

And finally, by far the most technical of the bunch and my personal favorite, a really obnoxious noise maker. Take a listen:

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