Furniture Recycling: What Goes Around...


created on: 12/26/08

 Still oozing with holiday generosity? Clean up and declutter your space, load up unused and unwanted furniture and accessories and...

created on: 12/26/08

 drop them off at a local thrift shop. You may be surprised to learn about the missions and expansive programs supported in part by these community arms of the larger organizations. From adult drug rehab, to job training, to scholarships for the grandchildren of veterans, these unassuming re-sale shops are consistent contributors to valuable program funding.

 When you give, you indirectly become a part of these very worthy causes.  Read more about how your generous donations help others.

The icing on this cake is that you will also be contributing to the overall recycling, upcycling and the

reusing of furniture and household items that would otherwise be placed in a bare corner of a landfill. 

created on: 12/26/08

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