Recycled DIY Robot!

Some questions are timeless and all important, for example, Beatles or Stones? Batman or Superman? Pirates or Ninjas? And perhaps the most important of all, 'would you rather have a Monkey or a Robot?' Well, for folks coming down on the robot side, there is this fellow:

created on: 12/19/08

The blurb says "Turn any empty metal can into a walking, wobbling bug-eyed robot! This Tin Can Robot Kit comes with pretty much everything you'll need to take recycling to a whole other level. Keep a can out of a landfill, and have a robot best friend FOREVER!"

Which is exciting enough to get even those of us on Team Monkey kind of wanting one. My sweetie, an unapologetic Robot guy, was all 'Cool, lets build an ARMY', he will be getting one in his stocking.

He's available at Urban Outfitters For $20.


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