Will you be giving hand-crafted gifts for the holidays?

created on: 12/11/08

In our local paper this weekend, there was an article entitled "GIFT TRIMMING: No money for gifts? No Problem. Here are some ways to fulfill your holiday gift list without resorting to stealing or crafting" complete with a picture of a cute, little, hand-knitted cell phone cozy. My first and only thought was resorting to crafting? I immediately copped an attitude and turned the page. I didn't even want to read the author's penny pinching gift ideas. Why the 'tude? Because I'm one of those people! You know, a crafter who gives hand-made gifts. But resorting to crafting? Is that what my givees will think of the things I made for them? This year crocheted snowflakes for my friend Kay, a sweater for my mom, and a funky Santa hat in Minnesota Vikings colors for my dad-in-law. Will they like them? Kay will; Mom will if the sweater fits, and Dad, well, he may or may not ever wear the hat in public, but that's okay. I'm just hoping it'll make him laugh.

So...what about you? What presents did you hand-craft this year? Have you ever gotten any handmade things that you loved? Didn't love? Do tell!

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