Affordable Modern Gift Wrap.

Really, I'm with the skeptics: it truly is quite wasteful to buy someone a gift they don't need, and then spend a whole 'nother bunch of resources hiding it under your tree. But, admittingly, my mouth waters when I see some finely designed gift wrap...i.e. that with zero cartoon snowmen and bold, graphic designs that just scream season's greetings. Then I see that it's $17/sq. yd. and I go back to skepticism.

But, what if some creative souls decided to make some affordable options? Well, then they might look something like this:

House Industries Holiday Wrap: $10 for 5 25 x 39" sheets. (via.)

Affordable Modern Gift Wrap.

Dots Gift Wrap by Rifferaff: $8 for two 19 x 25"

Dots Gift Wrap - White/Orange

Candy Stripes and Dots, Snowy Stripes and Funky Ornaments: $28.51 for  33' of gift wrap & 20' of ribbons

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