Crochet Graffiti

created on: 11/14/08

If you haven’t noticed, I love to crochet. In the yarn world, for some reason, crochet takes a back seat to knitting. So when I saw these pictures of Crochet Graffiti, my first thought was VINDICATION! I mean, it’s like this, graffiti is cool, right? And if people are using crochet to create graffiti, then, ergo, crochet is cool. These particular urban graffiti artists are wreaking their yarnie havoc in the streets of Glasgow. Some might think trussing up a tree in 4ply is downright anti-tree-hugger, but from my wintery advantage, I think it’s marvelous. Who says deciduous trees can’t feel cold, anyway?

Even more ambitious than the tree is this gas station. Check out the granny squares covering the gas pumps. I wonder if that’s some sort of statement on the antiquated fuel source that gasoline is?

And, okay, there is some knitted graffiti art out there too. But come on...a chain link compared to an entire tree? Really, there IS no comparison. Via.

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