Specimens O' Gross

created on: 10/27/08

Creepy aren't they?  To make your very own genuinely unnerving jars o' ick you'll need

  • a good (gross) imagination. According to their creator "the most important thing is to think of a story behind each creation, once you have a concept in mind the jar will pretty much make itself".
  • jars or bottles
  • Plastic skeletons, enormous plastic spiders, expandable foam toys. Use your imagination, pretty much anything will look yuckier when it it's jammed into a jar of murky water
  • a spot of food dye or some instant coffee granules to make your water murky
  • labels , getting your labels right is the key to making these work. An appropriate font is important, as is the wording. The bottle with the tentacle-y thing in it reads ' RECOVERED FROM CHEST CAVITY OF DECAYED ANIMATED CORPSE. ANIMATION OF CORPSE CEASED UPON REMOVAL. SPECIMEN BEGAN TO DISSOLVE WITHIN MOMENTS OF REMOVAL FROM HOST. DISSOLUTION CEASED WITH FORMALDEHYDE AND ACETONE. HAITI, 1894'  Which frankly gives me the wiggins. Awesome. To give the label that crusty aged look it was coated in contact adhesive, allowed to dry and the stuck to the bottle with more contact adhesive.

Head over for more about them and some other seriously gross Halloween crafts (bleeding edible heart anyone?)



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