Top 10 Ikea Furniture Mods.

Lifehacker, collector of all these to make your life smoother and more productive, has assembled their top ten Ikea hacks and other mods. From the clever drill-mountable free allen wrench to several custom charging stations to a wall-mountable bike rack, these ought to keep you busy as the weather continues to cool.

Top 10 Ikea Furniture Mods.

10. Make an Allen wrench drill bit.

9. Make your workspace cordless.

8. Embed a scraps bowl into your counter top.

7. Create seriously simple knife storage.

6. Make a headphone stand from spare parts.

5. Wall-mount a bike rack.

4. Turn an IKEA door into a desk.

3. Put together a switchable charging station.

2. Make your own custom charging station.

1. The Helmer DIY server rack.


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