Halloween(-ish) Silhouette Votives

Now I love a Dwight pumpkin and fluttery bats as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy loves them A LOT) but I came across these fellows here and was practically overcome by their awesomeness.

created on: 10/21/08

They are vintage Carew Rice Tumblers, and their very lucky owner uses them to decorate for Halloween. A quick cherche around the internets got me nothing but the impression that I REALLY couldn't afford to buy my own. Undeterred, I decided to hack a version, here's the finished product

created on: 10/21/08

I used:

  • Some clean jars, (the smaller one is a baby food jar that's been lurking around since we started making our own... I knew there was a reason it didn't go straight to the recycling)
  • A few sheets of transparency paper
  • A printer
  • these silhouettes here
  • some clear tape

It's not exactly rocket science, but what I did was print the images onto the transparency paper, cut them out, then stick them in place with a spot of tape.


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