Make Ironing Cooler... Or At Least Prettier

Yesterday I finally bought an Ironing Board. I got it home and I was all super excited about it, (lame I know, but we've been without one for ages). So ironing board YAY, but the cover, Oooogly. Luckily The Purl Bee has a fabby little how-to on making a new, PRETTY ironing board cover. The tutorial comes complete with blindingly hip graphics.

You'll need:

  • Pattern paper (or a few sheets of newspaper taped together)
  • 2 meters of the lovely new cotton fabric of your choice
  • Mid or High Loft cotton Batting
  • 3 meters of cotton twine or elastic
  • A sewing machine, chalk or fabric marker, pinking shears, pins, a bodkin or safety pin.

And to head over to The (always awesome) Purl Bee for the tutorial.

created on: 10/16/08

Or your could buy a cover like these fellows from here.

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