Table Jewellery, Use What You Have

What is it about this time of year that makes folks want to dress up their tables? For 9 months of the year bunging down a plate and some cutlery and chowing down is just fine for me, but from thanksgiving to new year that just doesn't seem to cut it. I want pretty and festive and shiny and this year I also want cheap.

So, in the spirit of 'use what you have' I raided my jewellery box and dragged out my accessories to dress up my table.


created on: 10/15/08

I used a pashmina-type wrap as a table cloth, it also looks effective as a runner on a rectangular table. It's probably best to go H&M rather than Hermes, especially if you're a messy eater!

The napkin is a smaller scarf, (I am incapable of walking past a scarf in a secondhand store) you don't have to have matching napkins, mixing it up is sort of the point.

created on: 10/15/08

I used a beaded bracelet as a napkin ring but bangles or even chunky rings would work too. Again you're not looking to be matchy matchy here... though if you gravitate towards a certain colour that might happen anyway.

created on: 10/15/08

A couple of things going on here. First there's the wine glass, I used a flower hair bungee simply wrapped around the stem. It's a good way to tell who's glass is who's. They might also work well as favours (at a sit-down shindig with a buncha girly girls). Alternately you could use a necklace or bracelet (or both) wrapped around the stem like this:

created on: 10/15/08

The other thing here is the candle. I've wrapped a string of pearls (even Mardi Gras/Pride beads would do) around it's base, jamming the candle on top a mirror makes for a double shiny reflection. Dripless candles are rather a must though and you'd probably want to leave the vintage Mikimotos in the safe.

created on: 10/15/08

Bunging a few of your favorite never-get-to-wear-them pieces around the table just because is good too. Probably best not invite any international jewel thieves you might happen to know to dinner though.

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