How To: Attach Your Comforter to Your Duvet

created on: 09/13/08

If you battle the comforter scrunch night after night, help is here. This is a quick and permanent solution to keep your comforter evenly distributed inside your beautiful duvet.  Everyone will be warm and toasty and happy. 

What you need:

8 pieces of 10" pieces of non-satin ribbon or twill tape (shoestring with ends cut off)

seam ripper


sewing machine

What you do:

1. Turn duvet inside out 

2.  Fold ends of ribbon or tape over 1/2" and stitch down so it won't ravel

3. One inch from the corners, at the top and bottom ends of your duvet, pin your ribbons on the stitching line with the long end of the ribbon facing away from the duvet.  Stitch in place, backstitch and stitch again. 

4. One inch from the corners of your comforter, pin and stitch your ribbon right next to each corner

5.  Lay your duvet, wrong side out on a flat surface and tie the bottom ties of the comforter to the bottom ties on the duvet.  Repeat for the top ties, depending on how your duvet opens.

You can either tie these in knots or bows.  

Sweet dreams.

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