How to Make Scrap Paper Mosaics

How to Make Scrap Paper Mosaics

Jeffrey Rudell over at Craft Stylish shares his process of making scrap paper mosaics. Materials are minimal on this one and include scrap paper–junk mail works perfectly–and some time. Simply tear your paper and assemble the pieces in the image you imagine. I’d suggest maybe using archival glue to adhere your final vision to, perhaps, an artist’s board or even just posterboard. When fashioning your image, Jeffrey says there’s two things to keep in mind:

“Overall shapes go a long way toward making things recognizable. Don't worry too much about articulating each and every part of the face you're trying to capture but do try to get things to about the right scale. Placement of features also matters; recognition of faces relies heavily on things being where we expect them to be.

The tonal value of your scraps matters more than their color. Use tonally light scraps where there should be highlights and tonally dark scraps where there should be shadows.”

For insight into the entire process, check out Jeffrey’s article on Craft Stylish.

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