Arne Jacobson at McDonald's?!!!!?

created on: 08/04/08
created on: 08/04/08
I spotted these on my way through Dublin airport, and was torn between abject horror and abject 'huh?'.  Around here the decor in McDonald's is heavy on the beige plastic, bolted down chairs and despair.

When I spotted these Arne Jacobson-style chairs, I looked around for an Italian Cafe or posh sandwich shop, but there was no getting round it, they were the McDonald's seating area.

created on: 08/04/08

Now, McDonald's = The Bad Guys, and seeing good design (or even knockoffs of good design) in the hands of the enemy was a bit disconcerting, kind of like seeing Paris Hilton wearing a vintage In Utero T-shirt. What does everybody else think? Am I a pompous jerk for feeling proprietorial about good design? Is this a fabby new development? Is this a one off or are the fast food joints where you live chock full of MCM pieces?

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