Find the right CFL color for you!

Find the right CFL color for you!

Switching over to CFL light bulbs can be a bit startling. First there’s the cost. You just have to remind yourself that they’re going to last A LOT longer than regular incandescent bulbs and use less energy to get over that one. Next is the color. When CFLs first came out, they emitted a fairly harsh blue light. Luckily, now there are a variety of CFLs on the market including ones that produce a softer, more incandescent light.

Kelvin Ratings and Color

Basically, a bulb’s Kelvin rating will tell you what kind of light it will produce. For instance, bulbs rated at 3,000° K and less will produce a warm or soft white, much like the familiar incandescent color. Bulbs rated at 4,000° K start to get a little cool, meaning they throw a slightly bluish hue. Bulbs rated at 5,000° K are perceived to throw daylight light and are the brightest and bluest of all CFLs.

For more information about CFLs including benefits, shapes and limitations, visit eartheasy.com, and for a fun interactive how-to-pick the right bulb for you, check out  Energy Star's 'Choose A Light Guide.' Image courtesy of Eartheasy.


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