How-to: Wrap Gifts with Fabric

created on: 07/25/08

Years ago I used some cute upholstery fabric to wrap a baby shower gift, it only seemed natural.  I tied it and made a bow out of real ball fringe or something darling.  As I remember, it was very difficult to figure out a way to make the wrapping say put.  Happily, the wrapping got more applause than the gift (justifiably, if I do say so myself).

The Ministry of Environment-Government of Japan has a downloadable PDF file to show you exactly how to do up all your gifts in hemmed and stitched cloth giftwrap or Furoshiki.  This opens up all sorts of possibilities for buying half priced vintage cloth (clothes) at Goodwill.  Now the gift wrap could be the real gift.  The wrapping can be recycled again into other crafty items for maximum usage of vintage cloth.

 If this catches on, we're starting to get it.

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