Make Your Own Coffee Pods

Make Your Own Coffee Pods

MWT is enamored with his Senseo coffee machine, but those coffee pods it takes...sheesh...they do add up. Plus, the blends available are very limited. With the popularity of the single serve coffee makers, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising type came up with a DIY coffee pod maker. Enter the Perfect Pod, available at Amazon for $40. It comes with 40 pods to get you started. (A 40 count package of additional pod filters will set you back 5 bucks.) The pods it makes are compatible with most single serve coffee makers, including but not limited to Senseo,  Melitta, Simple Human, Juan Valdez, Bunn Home Cafe, Bunn-o-matic, Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker.

An eco-friendly and economical alternative are Ecopads, pictured below. They're refillable/reusable pods made specifically to fit Senseo machines. A package of 2 will set you back 9 bills.


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