Make a DIY Plastic Bag Dryer.

Okay, so I wasn't yet hip to this phenomenon: spindle-y contraptions allowing one to invert plastic bags (presumably of the ziptop variety) to help dry them after a wash for reuse. Like a dish strainer or a clothesline for sandwhich baggies.

Of course, that $20 price tag always hits where it hurts, especially when it's clear that the materials all came from the unfinished wood section at the craftstore. (the little vase gives it away). So, for a DIY option, you can head to that aisle, or try the recipe below with items you probably already have in your kitchen.

Make a DIY Plastic Bag Dryer.

Materials: bamboo skewers, hi-ball glass, uncooked rice or beans

Place the glass on the table. Fill it half way with the rice or beans (or sand or gravel), and then insert the skewers. Hang and dry.

A genious DIY option from Jen at Readymade. Briliant.

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