Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos.

Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos.

Here's a secret: Tattoos are permanent, and they hurt! The idea of the temporary tattoo - for costumes, children, or just to pretend your alot more hardcore than you are- is mighty fine, but stock designs are generally tacky and unbelievable. Makezine highlights temp-tat inkjet paper, which is "come in twos: one printable A4 sheet and one adhesive film. The process is quick and easy as well as painless (even if you have sensitive skin, as the 'tattoos' are water-based and non-toxic)."


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Tattoo designs on Apr 30, 2009:

Yes, I tried it. you can also buy the adhesive film on ebay. I wouldn't suggest to get such a temporary tattoo instead of a real one. A tattoo is something you must believe in. But for many undecided people, it could be a good way to get a nice preview of how a real tattoo would look like

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