Goodwill Hunting-Modern Coffee Table

created on: 03/15/08

Last weekend was spent participating in my favorite sport of Goodwill Hunting.  With the expansion of this chain of fine variety stores, it's becoming difficult to hang on to my change.  It's also taking up lots of time and gasoline.  But what if something tremendous just arrived behind those swinging doors?

I deliberated a bit before shelling out $24.99 for this little cutie.  That's my limit........I guess.

The top of the table has some discoloration that looks like it's underneath a varnish.  It appears to be a textured insert of some sort.  Does any Curbly woodworking aficionado know how to fix this?

Should I sacrifice the integrity of this original piece by replacing the top with something else? 

Please write back.

created on: 03/15/08

created on: 03/15/08

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