Toilet Tank Talk: How and why you should make a water displacer.

created on: 03/06/08

Statistics say that each person in the U.S. uses about 100 gallons of water a day; 1/3 of that gets flushed down the toilet. Installing a water displacer inside your toilet tank will cut that figure substantially.  For instance, the Tank Bank, which is a plastic bladder you fill with water and hang inside your toilet, can cut that 1/3 by 20%. Why not just place a brick in your toilet tank? According to the manufacturer of the Tank Bank, bricks disintegrate, which can cause plumbing issues. Okay, then how about just putting a water-filled plastic bottle in the tank? The Tank Bank people say they ‘bang around on sensitive operating equipment.’ A better alternative is to grab a couple of water bottles from the recycling bin, fill them with sand or pebbles, seal them tightly, and nestle them inside your tank away from operating mechanisms. Depending how many times you flush, this type of water displacer could save ten gallons or more of water a day.   

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