Paint Can Glam

Paint Can Glam
What You Need

Empty, cleaned paint cans. I used a quart sized can, but gallon sized cans will work too. (If you don’t have an empty paint can laying around, most hardware stores sell new, unused paint cans. A quart size will cost you about a buck.)


1/8" drill bit

A Sharpie

Metal or wood block to support the inside of the can

Sandpaper. Any grit will do.

Small jelly-jar-sized-jar (or larger jar for gallon sized can)

Votive candle (or larger pillar for gallon sized can)

What You Need to Do

1. Mark pattern of your choice on paint can with a Sharpie. My ‘dots’ are ½" apart from each other.

2. Insert support inside can. This is to prevent denting when you bear down with the drill. (You can also use a punch and punch the holes, but I've found that the potential of can dent is higher with a punch.)

3. Drill holes following pattern. Be mindful of the metal chips you create. They’re tiny but sharp. It’s best to do the drilling outside or over newspaper to catch them.

4. Using sandpaper, sand inside of can to remove any leftover burrs.

5. Insert candle in jar.

6. Insert jar and candle in can. 

7. Light candle.

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