More Items You Didn't Know You Could Recycle.

"Ok sure, we can all recycle newspapers, magazines, our Coke cans, and our cereal boxes. Well, is that really it? Is that all you do to recycle? Take a look at my list below. If you are only recycling the obvious items you are not even chipping the surface. In fact, [this post] will not only tell you what to recycle, [it] will try to tell you how and where to do it."

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    * Auto
          o Car Batteries.
          o Vehicle Tires.
          o Motor Oil
          o Cars, boats, ATVs, etc.
    * Electronics:
          o Cell Phones.
          o Monitors
          o Printers and Print Cartridges.
          o Cables.
          o iPod.
    * Household items:
          o Old CDs or DVDs
          o Plastic Utensils
          o Shoes
          o Batteries.
          o Drywall.
          o Appliances.
          o Eyeglasses
          o Foam Packaging
          o Paint
          o Carpeting
    * Other Ways of Recycling:
          o Old Jeans
          o CFL Bulbs
    * Check out another list here.


More Items You Didn't Know You Could Recycle.


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