The Container Gardening Craze!

The Lifestyle section of MSN offers an article from Country Living on the myriad options of growing contained greenery. "The most utilitarian of garden objects, pots serve several vital functions. First, they're home to plants we can’t or don't want to grow directly in the ground (this includes house plants). In regions where the soil is dense with clay, containers offer gardeners a welcoming environment in which t nurture plants that sulk and die in heavy soil, such as lilies, tomatoes, and lavender. At the other end of t he spectrum, those of us who garden in sandy soil, which retains moisture poorly, can easily formulate a growing medium for plants such as cannas, caladiums and elephant ears (Colocasia), that prefer wet feet. For the drought-stricken West, container gardening affords a way t o enjoy, moisture-loving beauties with out violating water restrictions."

The Container Gardening Craze!
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