How To Grow a Hummingbird Garden.

"With a little luck, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a hummingbird this summer. These miniature winged wonders are awe-inspiring for their size, speed and remarkable beauty, plus their uncanny maneuverability. But you don’t have to wait for a chance sighting — you can easily attract hummingbirds right to your back yard by creating a simple, vibrant hummingbird garden.

Good hummingbird habitat doesn’t have to be complicated. Your feathered friends have basic needs: food sources, water for bathing (they love flitting through the garden sprinkler), and accommodations for perching and nest building. There are a variety of flowers (particularly wildflowers), vines, shrubs and trees that you can incorporate to create a successful hummingbird retreat. Yucca, snapdragon, morning glory, mealberry and flowering crabapple are just a few of the varieties that hummingbirds enjoy...." 

How To Grow a Hummingbird Garden.


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