How to Bead with Clear Caulk

How to Bead with Clear Caulk

Basically, this is just a version of the sanded light bulb for people who don’t like sand. Or light bulbs. Anyway, I had a night light that seemed to have some hidden potential. I thought beading the shade with caulk might be a good way to give it some style.


The Supplies

High temperature clear caulk. (Found in the plumbing and heating departments of your big box and hardware stores. If you’re beading something that will not be exposed to heat, plain old clear caulk will do just fine, and it won’t cost as much either.)

Caulking gun.

Glass beads. (Seed bead size work best. My beads were dark teal blue and slivery crystal.)

Paper towel & newspaper.

Something to bead. (In this case the plastic lampshade from my night light. Of course, any glass or plastic thing can be beaded this way)

The Steps

(My first step was to remove the kitschy metal cover from the plastic shade itself, thus the screw driver.)

Using a bit of paper towel or your finger, spread caulk evenly over your object to be beaded. Think jam on toast here. Not too think; not to thin.

Sprinkle your beads over your sticky item. (You’ll want to do this over a paper towel to catch all the beads that don’t stick. The paper towel will prevent them from rolling all over the place.)

When you have the coverage you’re looking for, gently used the palm of your hand to ‘set’ the beads in the caulk. Press straight down; pick up your hand and repeat over the entire object. This way you won't disturb the beads. Let the caulk dry and enjoy!

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