How to mouse proof your house.

How to mouse proof your house.

Picture it: The house is finally quiet. You’ve just slipped into your comfy bed. Your eyes lids ease together, wiping away the day. You are about to drift off when suddenly you hear a delicate scratching coming from behind the wall. Or was it coming from the ceiling? You lift your head and wait, just to make sure it wasn’t your imagination. Nope, there it is again. Scratch, scratch, scratch. A string of expletives cut through the air. There’s a mouse in the house! Arrrgh! Then, you lay there the rest of the night trying not to think about your new furry roommate. Make that roommates, because where there’s one there’s five. Or ten.

We had a mouse problem a few years back. It started, as always, when the nights started to get chilly, and the little buggers were looking for a warm place to crash. We thought we had it handled. Until the next fall, that is. Through these intermittent rodent wars, I came across a lot of websites offering mouse-proofing advice, as the best why to combat rodents is to prevent their entry. One was particularly helpful. It was Orange County Vector Control District’s handy little pamphlet ‘Rodent Proofing Your Residence’. It breaks down ‘problem’ areas such as pipes, vents, roof & plumbing–among others–and offers simple suggestions and diagrams for relatively easy DIY pest control. And believe me, a few hours of mouse-proofing your house now may prevent many sleepless nights this fall.

'Mouse' picture courtesy of Wikimedia.

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Balham Pest Control Expert on Apr 03, 2014:

Mouse-proofing is definitely the best weapon in the battle against mice. When you seal all possible entry points then you'll only have to deal with the intruders which are already inside.

lynseylyn on Jan 22, 2014:

I seem to have a problem with mice getting into my closet. And once again they did it this winter. So now I am having to wash all my clothes again. Thinking about puting all my clothes in plastic storage containers. Since this is getting really old...any suggestions?

inoculand on Apr 12, 2012:

It is not about winning at all. Mice may always be able to gain access to the void spaces. We need to accept that. So we need to choose our batles. The one thing we want is mice not being able to mess on our food,plates and work surface.

So what we should be doing is keep them out of the living space by removing/blocking all access points/gaps/holes at kitchen unit level, wall and floor level.

There are plenty of videos and blogs about mouse proofing where homeowners can get all the info they need if they want to do it themselves. Mine is on www.inoculand.co.uk

Daniel, London, UK

Caya123 on Jul 27, 2007:

I had to trap & kill mice a few times in this house. Sometimes they were such cute little critters, I really hated to kill them. (we used traps that kept them alive). But it had to be done- if I let them go in the woods in the back, they would have just come back. And of course they wouldn't be suitable pets :-D I love that little mousie at top :-D

tmgeorgo on Jul 26, 2007:

Nice brochure.  I've been battling a "mice in the eaves" issue the last couple of years, every fall & winter, and I don't think I will ever really win.  Mice can get in thourgh such small openings (I believe it's anything the size of a dime) that it is almost impossible to plug all of the entry points.  I have had the most success when I used multiple traps in a single area (4+) with peanut butter as the bait.  Line the traps up near each other wherever you hear scratching, then check back often to empty the traps.

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