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When Autumn Leaves Start to Wall

by on Oct 20, 2016

Fun fact: Autumn Leaves was the first jazz standard I learned on guitar back in high school, when I though learning to play jazz guitar would make me cool and get girlfriends. It’s a pretty basic song, and a good one to teach a 15-year-old me how to do a chord melody, which, on a guitar, is where you play a song’s chords and melody at the same time, and … hey, isn’t this supposed to be a DIY blog!?

Right. So, anyway (no, I didn’t get the girlfriends, sorry), the other day I was driving down a neighborhood street lit up with autumn leaves, and I thought, “Well, those are too pretty to just leave all over the pavement.” (Get it? Leave on the pavement?)

So Alicia and I grabbed up a bagful of them and brought them over to our studio, where I proceeded to stick them up on a big blank wall in all their leafy splendor. Here’s the how to:


Get some obnoxiously beautiful fall leaves. If you live in a part of the country that doesn’t have fall colors … well … I feel bad for you.


Put the leaves on the wall. I used removable Glue Dots, ’cause they’re awesome and super fast and won’t damage our paint. 

That’s it!

white pumpkins with flowers on the wall

Table and chairs below a wall full of scattered leaves.


If you want to talk more about jazz guitar, you can come over and sit at this table with me and I’ll try to play Autumn Leaves for you on a guitar or whatever instrument we happen to have handy in the office.


Leaves decorating an otherwise white wall.


What’s your favorite fall-themed song? Any DIY projects you think we should be making involving fallen leaves? Let me know in the comments.





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