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Swoon-Worthy Linoleum Flooring (We’re Not Joking!)

by on Feb 1, 2016

Source: Smith Creative; Designer: Michael Smith; Photo: Simon Brown

Lately, in the home renovating world, the word “linoleum” has been intertwined with the word “vinyl” and therefore considered to be low end. In reality linoleum is not only extremely durable but extremely eco friendly. The resurgence of linoleum has given us homeowners another stylish yet affordable flooring option. Here are ten patterned linoleum floors that might change your mind.

1. Patterned flooring is quite the trend these days. Compared to patterned tile, linoleum floors can be a more affordable alternative to get a great pattern on your floor. The floor above is from Sinclair Till, a London based company. Marmoleum Forbo, and even Armstrong that provide similar products for $4-7 a square foot.

RoundUp: Linoleum Floors
Source: The Kitchn

2. Maybe pattern isn’t your thing but you love a good solid floor. Linoleum can create some great options. This floor looks like one big slab of slate flooring. So how are linoleum and vinyl different?  First of all, unlike vinyl, linoleum is made of all biodegradable materials therefore making it a choice for many green homes. It consists of ingredients such as linseed oil, ground limestone, and pine.


3. Whether you like a solid floor or a patterned floor your your creativitiy is the limit with linoleum floor. Forbo Marmoleum flooring is where you can go to see more products.


4. You can do so many fun things with linoleum but its most well known for the classic check pattern. You can have linoleum installed in a glue down sheet or it can be installed with click and lock tiles. Linoleum is made to last longer than vinyl floors and it is known for being easy to clean and maintain. 

5. Linoleum floors are an option for colorful floors. I like the bold border in this kitchen. Vinyl floors do not have color pigment all the way through the tile like linoleum flooring does. This means your bold colors will last longer with linoleum.


6. If you love striped floors you should think about linoleum. Linoleum tiles have beveled edges so when the tiles are together there is no seam.

7. Linoleum floors are also great for your retro rehabs and midcentury spaces. I love the small border here.

8. Linoleum floors don’t have to just be for the eclectic and colorful renovation. They fit in well with traditional and transitional spaces as well.

Roundup:Linoleum Floors
Source: The Kitchn

9. Simple solid color floors would be durable and timeless in any kitchen or bathroom. 

Roundup: Linoleum Tile
Source: Marmoleum via the Blue House

10. I love the design of tile in this hallway. 

Roundup: Linoleum Floors
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If you are in love and have to have some linoleum flooring … check out Armstrong, Tarkett, and Forbo Marmoleum. What say you? Do you have linoleum and have some insight for us? Is linoleum something you would consider?




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  1. Margaret

    I’m reconsidering linoleum. What a great way to add color & pattern to my kitchen.